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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Alpha Quadrant
B is for Bolians
C is for Carbon-based life forms
D is for D-7
E is for Exeter, USS
F is for Fabrini
G is for Gold-pressed Latinum
H is for Hard Time
I is for Intrepid-class
J is for Judgement (ENT)
K is for Klingon trousers
L is for Lefler's Laws
M is for Maelon garbage scow
N is for the home planet of R2-D2, who was seen in [COLOR=#dbdbdb]Star[/COLOR] Trek (2009)
O is for "Oh my..." (Kirk's final words)
P is for Prometheus(uss)awsome ship
Q is for Quinteros
R is for Radha ("For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky")
S is for Starbase 47
T is for Tarelians
U is for Ultraviolet satellites the Enterprise used to kill the parasitic flying pizza infestation on Deneva.
V is for Vortex
W is for "What have you done with Spock's brain?!"
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