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Re: Tuvok: the only adult on Voyager

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Starfleet is only a military organization when the mission requires it. And from what I know of my military friends, yes, acting like a juvenile idiot is sometimes exactly what happens. It's not like they do it while they're in the middle of a crisis. Voyager isn't just their place of work; it's their home.
Fair enough. I don't have any military friends, but military characters on TV and in the movies act like juvenile idiots all the time. I guess I would expect more from a Starfleet officer. Again, Paris' antics I can understand because he isn't Starfleet (although I still find him extremely annoying).

Kim on the other hand...I understand he is just an ensign, and he is obviously smart, but watching him whine about not being promoted in "Nightingale" and then completely screwing up his command mission, I don't get the impression that he is a capable, or even potentially capable, officer. On so many other occasions on VOY he just acts very childish.

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Janeway, barely "40" is probably thought of as an adolescent.
You can't be serious. Just because people live longer, it doesn't mean their rate of development has changed. You can't stretch out puberty just because people now live to 150. A 40-year-old in the 24th century is no more of an adoescent than a 40-year-old today--she can just expect to have a much longer life.
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