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Re: OT: The United earth Universe.

Letís see. How many things can go wrong this year.
My brother died. Well ok that wasnít such a bad thing really but the 6 grand I paid to put him in the ground sucked. Exactly one week later the circut breaker for my house goes titís up and I have to have the damn thing replaced, another 3 grand. A few days later my dryer dies. Now some douch nozzle has been useing my dads social security number to dick aound so Iíve now been dealing with that.
Now on to happy thoughts. Iíve gone back to work on the MaíAngan cruiser. Iím focused on the engine right now. The original engine was made from 80 parts so far Iíve got it down to just one.

Children are the Zombie Apocalypse. But without the fun parts.
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