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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

After the fiasco of Daniel and whozis, and its lunatic true story, it is surprising how many supposedly true stories I ended up watching.

J. Edgar focused on the man's personality, or to be precise, retailed gossip about Hoover's personal life. I tend not to believe gossip and had very little willing suspension of disbelief for this one. Inevitably this made it dull. The flashback structure was confusing given my inattention and I kept falling asleep. Part of the problem was that it was the man's public role that was interesting and the movie put very little of that into context.

Puncture had a crackerjack performance by Chris Evans as a drug addicted lawyer trying to win a lawsuit against massive odds. It was painful to watch, as he won my sympathy. Unfortunately, the lawsuit was supposed to be about an invention to prevent accidental needle sticks. Somehow no one involved with this movie thought it might be useful to have a character explain how exactly this works. They needed to sell us on the importance of this invention before we could really care about the success of the lawsuit. Worse, although this is supposed to be another true story, the mysteriously variable finances of Evans' law firm (sometimes they are flush and Evans has unlimited funds for drugs and other times they are hand in mouth,) makes it seem like they've fiddled the facts to whitewash the character. Not calling the female Texas senator Kay Bailey Hutcheson just makes the movie seem chicken shit too.

Walker at least was up front about not being true to facts. And the blatant references to then contemporary policy towards Nicaragua certainly showed the makers' hearts to be in the right place. I wish it was really was true that madmen were responsible for imperialism. If so, then advances in psychotherapy or at the least mental hygiene warrants would solve many problems. The people by and large aren't irrational, it is the system.

Just for a little variety I Netflixed a thriller, In My Sleep, about a man who thinks he may have murdered someone while sleepwalking. Except that it turned out to be an overgrown boy (masseur at a day spa.) There were no less than three female leads along with the titular lead and his best friend. I was therefore astonished when none of the women were photographed undressed, much less nude or simulating sex. Not so for the male lead. I doubt that this movie was actually aimed at gay men and women who like men in underwear. The lead seemed to embody autoerotic yearnings on somebody's part. (Or maybe the lead actor was somebody's boy friend?) All these boys and girls try very hard and you hate to dis their product, but this is inadvertently amusing.
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