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ENTER Shadows of P'Jem & Shran/Archer AV CONTEST!

Previously in the Enterprise avatar contest:

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In the SHUTTLEPOD ONE contest:

Congratulations to Miss Lemon, for her victory with this charming image of freezing Trip and Malcolm.

And kudos to Skywalker who came in second by two votes for this "T'Pol has a nice bum" scene.

And in the theme contest, HAZARDOUS ENVIRONMENTS:

HopefulRomantic captures first prize for her Desert Crossing entry.

And we have a three-way tie for second place!

Alienesse, Skywalker and yours truly.

Thanks again for the votes and congratulations to HopefulRomantic and the runner-ups! I heavily enjoyed all the Trip & Reed avatars.

The next episode also features the ever-delightful Disaster Twins, but that is not its only treat. Everybodyís favourite badass makes an appearance as well: Shran!

And since we just canít get enough of him, HopefulRomantic chose Shran & Archer as our new theme.

Have fun everybody and good luck!


Here are my entries:



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