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Re: UT: Refugee Crisis / Bluefin - "Trajectory"

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While technically “in charge” as C.O. of the tactically superior vessel,
Just wanna state for the record, one mo' time, that this is the STUPIDEST regulation ever imposed on any fleet, anywhere, ever! (Thank you, VOY, for this and many other contributions of abject stupidity.)
I'm fairly certain this rule was first exercised on TNG.
My first hearing of it was watching the Voyager two-parter when the ship encountered the Nova-class in the Delta Quadrant and Janeway made a point of telling John Savage "Well, I'm in charge cause that's the rule and my Intrepid beats your Nova."

But you could be right. I haven't seen every ep of TNG. Doesn't matter, cause it doesn't change two things:

1) The regulation is still STUPID.

2) Voyager is the source of lots of stupidity.
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