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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Following on from my approval of the Karemma last episode, I also like the fact that the Letheans made a reappearance. However, they are somewhat cheapened here, since Kor just wakes up with a headache rather than a) dying or b) playing tennis with Garak on the promenade while aging rapidly. So while I'm pleased that an established race was once again brought in to help make the setting continuous and better-defined, it does seem to contradict how Lethean telepathy works. Unless interrogative telepathy is a different "move" from the full-on telepathic shock attack?
I'm thinking it was more differing goals - the Lethean in Distant Voices wanted Bashir taken out of commission while he robbed the place and didn't care if he lived or died. Toral probably wanted the Lethean here to get the information Kor had so they could race on ahead, while keeping him intact enough to believe he'd passed out drunk and then go and get the Sword anyway, using Kor to disarm the booby traps surrounding such a prize. All the work done, the sword reclaimed, and he doesn't have to do more than kill a grumpy old man. Typical tactics for a member of the house of Duras.
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