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One question...who made that claim, Jadzia or Bashir?
Bashir made the claim, Jadzia half-heartedly denied it, then Bashir got the last word.

The Sword of Kahless (**)

I'm a Terry Pratchett fan, because I figure if I'm going to be a nerd then I may as well go all the way into the depths of comic fantasy. My favourite of his novels is Men at Arms, a story about an assassin that acquires the Discworld's first and only gun but is unprepared for the magical power that such a weapon would hold over him. I think you can see where I'm going with this. So I like the core concept of this episode, but it needs an interesting story to hold it together. Men at Arms had that, The Sword of Kahless not so much. What starts out promising to be an epic quest ends up with three characters hunting spiny rats in the Star Trek cave set.

Is the sword of Kahless magical? According to the writers the answer is no, being in the presence of such an important artefact caused Worf and Kor's lust for power to consume them. Okay, I like that idea, Star Trek has done the whole alien influence thing enough times that it's refreshing that this episode chose to go another way. The problem with that decision however is that it makes both Worf and Kor look like massive tools and they have no excuse for it. Whatever about Kor, but Worf is a Starfleet officer and he should be able to control his more violent urges by now rather than acting like a child. The solution to the "problem" also seems like overkill. Just because Worf and Kor can't control themselves around the sword doesn't mean that all Klingons will act that way, but rather than man up and admit their failings they put all the blame on the sword and send it out into space, denying billions of Klingons their heritage. That's not a message I'm willing to get behind.

The first half of the episode is pretty good, and I do like that they bring back some continuity from TNG rather than inventing some new adversary for the heroes to fight. Overall, it's an interesting concept with a strong start that ends up getting lost in a cave somewhere.

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