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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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If they could write for Troi on TNG, they could easily write for Kes on VOY. Kes was like a more powerful and more interesting version of Troi.
Keep in mind that Deanna Troi gave the writers many headaches, and they ended up not even using her in several late Season One scripts. Troi was slated to be written out for Season Two, but then Denise Crosby asked to be released from her contract. Then Gates McFadden's contract was not renewed.

Thus, they were stuck with Troi, and added the Ten-Forward set - and planned a counselor's office set - to give Troi some potential strong scenes. They also realised that "The Child", an old Ilia "Phase II" story, would work for Troi. Whoopi Goldberg had declared her availability, Guinan was given the bar set, and Whoopi ended up getting Troi's best potential scenes most times she was able to shoot an episode.

So comparing Kes to Troi is quite apt. Difficult characters/powers to use well.

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there's no shortage of medical miracles.
Why not? They'd already stretched believability that the one woman with only seven years left to live would undertake training as the only ship's nurse.

I'm aware of the early difficulties they had with Troi, but the bottom line is that they worked through them. By the second or third season, she was a solid character. And Kes had MORE potential than Troi, so it's kind of silly to say that they had to dump Kes because it was "so hard" to write for her.
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