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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Well, as of yesterday, I became a Silver member. So far I've not seen any difference (I haven't logged into the game yet, but I still have full forum access at

I might go LTS in a month or so, but I'm interested to see the effect the F2P has for now.
Yeah, my friend recently went Silver and he said the same thing - that he didn't lose anything. He still has the bank slots, boff slots, etc. that he had before. (I think someone else mentioned losing respec tokens) Silver is looking more and more tempting every day.

When you switch from gold to silver, you don't lose anything that you currently have unlocked, however, you will no longer qualify for the veteran rewards. So you really won't see much of a change when you switch, but the new players who start as silver will not have as many unlocks (bank slots, ship tokens, etc).
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