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you know what I found annoying in ME2?
That you get 'renegade' points for not sleeping with Jack or Tali.
I simply wanted to have a final chat with the crew before the suicide mission to 'lift everyone's mood' in a friendly manner.
What the heck was with that?
You are a 'bad' person for not wanting to have sex with one of the two women?
NOT cool Bioware - for a company that gave us gay relationships in Dragon Age, I found it surprisingly daft - though I wanted to upgrade my renegade points a bit since I was a full paragon anyway, so I guess there's a silver lining in that, but ultimately, it gave off a very negative message.
I wanted to avoid relationships of any kind since ME1 so I can use that as a clean slate for a gay relationship in ME3.
And it's also annoying that Bioware never unlocked the gay content in ME1 (they had the vocals/scenes made for Kaidan Alenko, but wasn't unlocked - UGH).
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