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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

- If I were Randall, I wouldn'y join a group of people who tried to kill me.

- Dale getting killed was quite a surprise.

- I do find it interesting that they're making a big deal out of Randall, but letting people like Daryl into the group or going back for his brother wasn't much of an issue.

- I sided with Dale. Killing Randall seemed too extreme, but then again, I'm not in their predicament.

- I figured that they wouldn't kill Randall. Something like that could make the characters less sympathetic and hurt the show.

- As for Dale not noticing the zombie, I just dismissed it as the usual trope where people on TV don't hear others sneaking up on them.

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Randal admits to being an accessory to multiple child rapes early in the episode, but that is somehow forgotten or just ignored by Daryl and the rest of our heroes. Plots that require our protagonists to be stupid are just sloppy. Plus, if the writers are trying to create some moral ambiguity(as they seemed to be doing with the rest of the episode) why make Randal a villain from the get go?
There probably wasn't much he could do. He was a kid and he went with the flow and did what he had to do to stay alive and in the good graces of the people he was with.
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