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Re: VOY Fans and Janeway in the VOY relaunch books (spoilers)

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And Therin there are PLENTY of people who think otherwise. Even if people are thrilled she is dead and thrilled with what happened afterwards this was not a book highly rated for literary qualities.

Amazon reviews offer a fairly divided opinion:

First review by P.Taylor kind of sums up the silliness, without any Janeway grinding axes either.

Whew! So I guess we weren't the only ones who didn't like that book. This guy summed it up pretty well for me...

Janeway deserved better. Pluto did too, for that matter. This is one of those few Trek books I really wish had been cast off by other authors instead of being embraced by them as cannon.(sic) The characters were flat and badly written, the story old..... If you are going to sacrifice a major player in a series at least do it with some dignity.
Oh well...

Novels aren't canon.

She lives in my heart and fanfic throughout the universe!
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