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Without going into spoilers, the more I read about this game, the more I think how overly complicated this game is, and how by forcing the players to concentrate on the mechanics of the game that the developers may have taken the fun out of the game.

A bright side in receiving the guide early is that I can plan the best route; otherwise, I think I be would lost.
The same can be said of ME2, the suicide mission was all about getting everyone's loyalty and upgrades then making the right choices during the mission itself. It was pretty easy to game the system if you knew the mechanics, but if you didn't know the mechanics then you might screw up and get people killed, like I did with Thane in my "official" play-through. Alternatively, on my fourth play-through I wanted Jack and Zaeed to be the only survivors and I read the mechanics and figured out a way to make that happen. It was complicated and I had to make stupid choices to make it happen, but if I hadn't read up about the mechanics then I never would have known how they worked.

When I play ME3 I'm going to go in blind and I'm going to make decisions based purely on instinct. I'm going to screw up on some of those decisions and I'm not going to achieve a perfect victory with my main Shepard, but I'll own the consequences of those choices. In the future I may read up on the mechanics and pull off a perfect victory, but I certainly wont be doing that with my first Shepard, that would defeat the purpose of playing the game to me.
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