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Re: STO: are starship phasers worth a darn?

Most of this is described in the popup when you mouse-over the weapon. Here are the more common abbreviations.

[Dmg] - Short for Damage. As in the weapon does extra damage
[Acc] - Short for Accurate. The weapon is 10% more accurate than a typical weapon.
[CrtD] - Short for Critical Damage. When the weapon lands a rare critical hit, it does a lot more damage.
[CrtH] - Short for Critical Hit. The chances of landing a critical hit is increased.
[Borg] - Anti-Borg effect. Every time the weapon lands a hit, there's a small 7.5% chance it will cause 1000 extra damage against the Borg.

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Ive been a casual player of sto for awhile, never really got hardcore into the game. so alot of the acronyms and such on various message boards, I have no Idea what they mean. So, with that said, I see alot of people talking about cannon weapons and how much "dps" they do, but what about us cruiser lovers? I have a level 22 engineer flying an excelsior, right now I have 4 mk 6 phaser arrays and 2 mk 5 photorp launchers equipped, I'm wanting to maximize this ships offensive capabilities and still be able to last in a fight. I like the turning radius of this ship but do not want to give up my 360 degree coverage. I want it all I guess, haha. Also, I'm at a loss as how to pick consoles that best complement each other...any help would be appreciated...
For starters, make sure all your beam arrays are using the same energy type. I would say go with either all phasers, all tetryons or at higher levels, all anti-protons. They are equally good choices. Make sure all your beam weapons are using the same energy type. Using a mix of different energy types (what we call a rainbow) will cause your weapon damage to drop.

Once you have chosen a specific type of beam energy you'ld like to use, you will want to have at least one (or two) tactical console that boosts the damage of that specific energy type. You may also want a tactical console that boosts your torpedo's damage.

For Phasers, equip your ship with Phaser Relay consoles.
For Tetryons, equip your ship with Tetryon Pulse Generator consoles.
For Antiprotons, equip your ship with Antiproton Mag Regulator consoles.
For Photon Torpedoes, equip your ship with a Photon Detonation Assembly console.
For Quantum Torpedoes, equip your ship with a Zero Point Quantum Chamber console.

Bridge officers have a few skills that can also boost your weapon damage for short periods of time. Examples include Beam Overload, Beam Fire At Will, Torpedo: Rapid Fire, Torpedo: Scatter Volley. Attack Patterns Alpha, Beta, Delta and Omega. So be sure to train your tactical bridge officer with some of these skills.

Finally to really push your weapon damage to the maximum, make sure you divert a lot of your warp core's power to the weapons system. An easy way to do this is to use the ship's offensive mode.
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