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Re: STO: are starship phasers worth a darn?

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Ive been a casual player of sto for awhile, never really got hardcore into the game. so alot of the acronyms and such on various message boards, I have no Idea what they mean. So, with that said, I see alot of people talking about cannon weapons and how much "dps" they do, but what about us cruiser lovers? I have a level 22 engineer flying an excelsior, right now I have 4 mk 6 phaser arrays and 2 mk 5 photorp launchers equipped, I'm wanting to maximize this ships offensive capabilities and still be able to last in a fight. I like the turning radius of this ship but do not want to give up my 360 degree coverage. I want it all I guess, haha. Also, I'm at a loss as how to pick consoles that best complement each other...any help would be appreciated...
You should read the STO Forum - Cruiser Builds for ideas.

My first character is an Engineer and did a lot of experimentation. It is impossible to build the ultimate tank and ultimate offensive ship at the same time. However, with a little compromise here and there, you can have a med tank/assault vehicle. There rest of this is just my opinions. I could talk all day about Engineers and Cruisers, but will try to keep it short.

Here's what I recommend you start with, then modify to suit your playing style. You started with a good platform, the Excelsior. Run the Defari FEs that give you the frosty set. The run the Romulan FE (Vault?) that gives you the Reman shield.

Front: Beam Array [Acc] [CrtH] x2, Photon or Quantum Torp [Acc] [Acc]
Rear: Front: Beam Array [Acc] [CrtH] x2, Photon or Quantum Mine Launcher [CrtH] [CrtD].
Get the Phaser Relay console for the beams and the appropiate console for the torps

Practice attacking broadside until you can target the enemies with all four beams. Once their shields are down, turn towards them enough to hit them with the torp, then go back to a broadside attack. The mines are necessary for spamming against birds-of-prey (and Tac chars in PvP).

You have room for 3 Engr consoles and here's my recommendation: Victorium Alloy, Ablative Hull Armor, SIF Generator

I've seen some weapons and sheilds with the [ACC], [CtrlH], X2 and such...what does all that mean. Alot of these Terms like FCC are lost on me, I am most definitely a "NoOb".
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