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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

The moral dilemma of what to do with Randal was interesting, until the writers let the show down again.

Randal admits to being an accessory to multiple child rapes early in the episode, but that is somehow forgotten or just ignored by Daryl and the rest of our heroes. Plots that require our protagonists to be stupid are just sloppy. Plus, if the writers are trying to create some moral ambiguity(as they seemed to be doing with the rest of the episode) why make Randal a villain from the get go?

And without knowing spoilers about either the comic or the show, that meeting of everyone in the living room of the house spelled doom. Too many people to maintain as a cast, they couldn't even give everyone even a single line(hello T-Dawg). That number is going to shrink drastically in the final two episodes of this season I am going to guess.
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