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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

And if you take the concept of Scott as saviour/messiah to its logical conclusion? It certainly puts Scott's post-AvX future in doubt.

Anyway, I just realized that I forgot to comment on my Marvel purchases for the week, of which there were only three...

FF 15-- For as much hype that was put into the Power Pack reunion, the guest-Powers really didn't do much except show up. I loved the scene with Bentley and Katie. I want to know what he said to her!

The reveal of the mystery figure training Franklin was exactly who I expected it to be, and I loved the exchange about having a best friend like Leech.

I was surprised that the issue ended at the exact same spot as the latest Fantastic Four, as I thought the arc was over with that issue, and expected resolution here. Oh well, one more issue to go...

Avengers 23/New Avengers 22-- The penultimate chapters of the HAMMER war, and while the story in Avengers really isn't doing it for me, the last two issues of New Avengers have really picked things up. The reveal about Victoria Hand was pretty much what I expected, but was completely surprised by Skaar's change of alliegence. I hope that the concluding chapters can bring a strong finish to an arc that has been quite sluggish at times.
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