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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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Both the producers and the studio felt that the character wasn't working. When the character of Seven of Nine was conceived, there was already a sentiment by the studio that there were too many characters on the show as it was (i.e., they needed to trim the budget) and so someone had to go.
totally agree
This implies that they were going to add a character so someone had to go... No, the it worked was, let's get rid of Kes and replace her with a bombshell. That is very different and it was unfortunate.
please read every other post in this thread.

Wang was going to be fired.

They changed their mind because of the People sexiest list.

Wang Stayed.

But they had to fire some one.

They'd budgeted for a Termination.

A Termination had to happen.

Jennifer was terminated.
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