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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Dune (1984) - free admission
Doctor Strange - DVD

When I went to see the Oscar-nominated animated short films, the Alamo Drafthouse showed more than just the five clue why, and I can't find the full list on the website, since it stopped showin'. Dammit.

Been a busy week with the new theater openin', so tonight was the first night I was able to use my perks to get to a Drafthouse.

Went to the Ritz for the "late show" screenin' of Dune on 35MM film. First time I've stayed awake through the whole film! Of course, the last time I tried, it was with a VHS rental...

Watchin' the Marvel Animated Doctor Strange on DVD now. Knowin' almost nothin' about the character, I can't seem to get into the story...
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