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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

exodus wrote: View Post
TPTB had no intention of using Kes' abilities to any great degree because it made her too powerful, therefore there'd be no challenge Voyager would encounter she couldn't fix.
Agreed, there's no room for a mini-Q/omnipotent elf living on the ship full time. But to reiterate Sonak's post, her powers wouldn't have been supercharged if they hadn't planned to write her off the show.

exodus wrote: View Post
Plus we saw how every time she'd used them, she'd cause something dangerous to happen.
Hey, that just adds more drama and it's one more reason to keep her on the show. I would have liked to watch her powers develop over a season or two.

sonak wrote: View Post
If they could write for Troi on TNG, they could easily write for Kes on VOY. Kes was like a more powerful and more interesting version of Troi.
Yup, Troi makes for the best comparison, but let's not forget all the other aliens with superpowers, who were also regulars on various series. Vulcans have super strength, telepathy, the ability to mind meld, and greater intelligence. Klingons have super strength. Guinan was old as dirt, had ability to sense alternate realities, and could sort of take on the Q (though she's a recurring cast member, I suppose). Seven was a borg - she had all sorts of super human abilities, and held the health crisis reset button (nanoprobe cure-all). Data and the EMH were superhero-esque.

So, yeah, I don't see any reason why Kes's powers would be too much for the writers to handle.

Therin of Andor wrote: View Post
But the writers certainly painted themselves into a corner. Kes was scheduled to become an old woman - very soon - wearing expensive latex wrinkles in every episode till the end.
I'll bet they could've come up with some way around that. There was that colony of Ocampans who lived to 18 or 20, that guy from Seinfeld cured the phage in no time, nanoprobes work wonders, the EMH came up with all sorts of new treatments... there's no shortage of medical miracles.

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