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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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I just started playing Alan Wake for the PC. Currently at the second chapter. The gameplay is just average, but otherwise I am really enjoying it. The story has done a good job of pulling me in to the game. The graphics are quite good too, with the only problem being the face animations - the lips don't sync with the dialogue very well.
That sucks. Must be a PC issue. I remember them syncing fine on the Xbox. I really enjoyed that game. Glad to see it getting some more interest lately

Currently playing:
Marvel Ultimate Alliance- PSP - Trying to beat it on hard. Kind of a nice dumb evolution of the beat em up

Technically playing but probably wont finish due to boredom:

LA Noire -xbox 360 - This game really lost steam after I stopped solving murders. Also did the conversation trees become more non sensical?

Half Life - PC - Yeah the original. I guess some things get better with sequels.....
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