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Re: My homebrew kitbashes

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How does one get to the secondary hull on the Aristotle?
Do you have all of Vance's ship parts pages?

If so, go to the one with all the nacelle pylons on it (Toolkits Freebies 8) and select the profile view of the "mini secondary" in the lower right corner. Open a new window with just that part. Paste it in the new window. Now go to Resize Image (or the equivalent in whatever program you are using) and reduce the height of the hull 50% but leave the length the same as it already is.

Now paint out all the now squished windows and the segment-lines on the shuttlebay doors. Isolate the shuttlebay doors with a mask (Magic Wand in PdN) and use a linear gradient fill from left to right (the lightest part should end up on the far right).

Now go back to Vance's page 8 and Isolate and copy the airlock door on the un"squished" mini-hull. Go to your "squished" hull and put it where you want it to go.

To do the front, go back to page 8 and copy the front view of the mini-hull. Paste it into it's own window and again reduce the height ONLY by 50%

The top view is the easiest. Select the mini-hull top view and paste into new window. DO NOT ALTER either width or height. Paint out the connection lines on the shuttle bay door. Mask off the doors with Magic Wand as on the side view. Now use a CONE gradient fill with the center starting underneath the aft formation light above the shuttle bay (the little round feature) and go from left to right (again, the lightest part of the fill should be to the right).

If you want to add a sensor dome to the UNDERside of the squished hull, just take a 2 pixel curved line and start at the left end of the undercut and connect the other end to the little "lip" underneath the shuttlebay. Tweak the curve until you get the shape you want. Mask off the interior as you did the shuttlebay doors and use LINEAR gradient to fill going left to right.

Hope this helps
I suspect he's asking how crewpersons would get from the Saucer to the secondary hull, rather than how did you draw it.

Though I may be wrong...

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