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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

I honestly think that Scott has gotten a bit of a bad rap in recent years. He's been put in a position that no leader of men, mutants or heroes has ever been in before-- protector of a dying and near-dead species against a world that would largely be glad to see them go pre-maturely extinct. With less than 200 mutants left, he could no longer afford to think of himself as the leader of a highly-trained team of super-heroes, but as the leader and protecter of an entire people--civilians and non-combatants alike.

The creation of X-Force is dicey, but what were his options? Bastion's people had already infiltrated SHIELD, so going to the authorities was out. Allowing the bad guys plans to unfold could have cost even more innocent mutant lives. Granted, recruitiing Laura was a bit of a dick move, but Wolfsbane involved herself without Scott or Logan's blessing. When the threat of Bastion was over, Scott dis-banded the team and it was Wolverine that kept the hit-squad going in secret.

I can see both sides of the child-soldier thing. The kids should be allowed to be kids, but they can't hide behind the staff and faculty of the JG school forever. What then? They will always be targets, even at the school. How many times has the JG school been attacted since opening? Utopia hasn't been attacked once since Scott created his Extinction Team.

Some posters at CBR like to call Scott a "nazi" and a "dictator", but after Schism, it was Scott who called for elections. He let Wolverine take anybody who wanted to leave with him. He gave them a freaking Blackbird for crissakes. Hardly the actions of a "dictator". In fact, Wolverine is the only one here who forced someone to go with him against their will (Quenten Quire).

All things being equal, I would probably readily side with Wolverine here, but this is not a situation where all things are equal.
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