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Re: Non Trek Fic: Quinn's Code (A Daria AU)

Geekery at the Mega Mall - Part 5
Quinn reflected on the situation. 'Why is it that, Sandi has to oppose the notion of a geek like me being popular so stridently?' She had thought about it quite a lot since the opening night of the Coffee House. She hadn't come to any conclusion. One thing was certain, she and Sandi were likely to remain enemies for the rest of their high school years...

She also thought abou the situation with Daria. Their relationship seemed to be getting better, Jane and Jennifer having a positive influence. There discussion/arguement about the terms of her silence of the matter of her having skipped school may have been longer even a couple of weeks before.

“What's up, Quinn?” Wolfgang asked as he finished his burger.

“Just thinking about what just happened,” Quinn said as she sipped her diet soda.

“You mean with Sandi?”

Quinn nodded.

“She'll get over it,” Wolfgang said.

“I'm not sure she will,” Quinn said.

“Eventually,” Wolfgang said.

Daria, Jane and Jennifer soon found the Doo Dad shop. “ What is this stuff?” Jane asked, looking at the contents of the store in dismay.

“Who would buy such crappy, useless junk?” Daria asked.

“It definitely looks that way,” Jennifer said.

“Then this coupon is useless!” Jane said.
Kevin and Brittany then come out of the store. Kevin was singing Hundred bottles of beer on the wall.

“Did you see the cute little thingy with the cute thingy?” Brittany asked.

“I got it for you, babe.”

“Oh, Kev, this is the first cute thingy that you've bought me since... wait... you didn't steal this, did you?” Brittany asked.

“It was shrinkage, babe!” Kevin said.

“Oo-ooh!” Brittany dragged her boyfriend back into the store.

Jennifer, Jane and Daria then entered the store. As Jane entered a bell went off. The staff rushed up to her. “When your feeling bad or mad or sad, buy a doo dad! You'll feel glad! It's not too sad, to buy a doo dad, today!”

Jennifer glared at the staff.

“What are you doing to our friend?” Daria asked.

One of the staff gave Jane an armfull of merchandise. “ You're our lucky ten-thousandth customer. All these doo dads are yours for free!”

Jane glared at him.

“Don't you get it? You're our winner!” the staff member said.

“I get it, but I don't want this stuff. What is it for anyway?” Jane said.

“You collect it,” the staff member said. The other staff members gathered around them, and a photographer took a photo of the group.

“Look, I came here because I got a twenty dollar coupon, but since I got accosted by the staff, I'm just going to leave it on the counter and leave!” Jane said.

“Why didn't you say so?” one of the staff said. She immediately piled additional 'doo dads' on the pile that Jane already held.

“Look! I'm not leaving with either this stuff or the coupon,” Jane said.

“Neither am I,” Daria said when the staff turned to her.

“Nor I,” Jennifer said.

One of the staff went behind the counter. “Here is a twenty in exchange for the coupon,” she said.

Jane dumped the pile of 'Doo-Dads' on the counter alongside the coupon, grabbed the twenty and dashed out of the store.

Daria and Jennifer quickly followed her.

Brittany placed the 'Doo Dad' that Kevin had 'Shrinkaged' back on the shelf. “No more, Shrinkage, Kevie!” she said.

“But Babe, Mrs. Bennett wants us to do it!” Kevin said.

Brittany glared at him. “No, Kevie, She meant something else!”

“Really, then what?”

Brittany twirled her hair in thought. “To examine its effect on something,” she said.


“Its impact on economic performance?”


Andrea waited outside the Insensory store for Upchuck. 'He had better come and go quickly!' she thought. Then Upchuck turned a nearby corner and approached her.

“You said you wanted to swap coupons, you feisty maiden of darkness?” he said, sleaze dripping off most of his words.

“Yes, you creepy casanova!” She held out the coupon that she had been given, hoping to get this encounter over with!

Upchucked grabbed that coupon and immediately placed the Insensory coupon into the palm of her other hand. Andrea then dashed into the store with a rather hasty and barely audible “Thanks.”


Jodie and Mack met one of the food courts. Mack could see tht Jodie had bought a large number of books. More than he had bought with his Books by the Ton coupon. 'I guess there is another bookstore in this Mall,' he thought.

“Hi, Mack.”

“Hi, Jodie.”

“So you used your coupon?” Jodie asked.

“Yeah, I figured that I may as well,” Mack said.

“Cool,” Jodie said.

“Which coupon did you get?” Mack asked.
“Toy Universe.”

They continued talking about their experiences at the mega-mall.

Daria, Jane and Jennifer entered the D Lavender Five section. They could see that Quinn and her male companions were waiting for them.

“Hi, Daria,” Quinn said.

“Let's go, I want to get as far away from this Mall as possible,” Daria said.

“Sure,” Quinn said.

“What are you going to do with all that stuff?” Jennifer asked as they headed towards the exit.

“And how are you going to sneak it all inside, without your parents noticing?” Wolfgang asked.

“With luck, only Daddy will be home,” Quinn said with a nervous laugh. “I'll take it all into the garage, and then take it up to my room slowly.”

“You mean, through the lawndry chute?” Daria asked.

“Some of it, yes,” Quinn said.

“That would take a long time,” Jane said, with an eyebrow raised.

“I'll just wait until neither of them are home, then take the rest up,” Quinn said as the group reached the exit.

Mrs. Bennett did a head count as the class re-entered the bus to go back to Lawndale. “Oh dear, we're three short!” she said.

“Jane said that she, Jennifer and Daria were heading back to Lawndale with another group of Lawndale High kids,” Jodie said.

“She also said that the bus made Daria sick,” Mack said.

“Oh, OK,” Mrs. Bennett said.

Koichi drove the large group back into Lawndale on State Route 276 at 4:40.

“Where to first?” he asked.

“My place, 111 Howard Drive,” Jane said.

“Sure, but that's on the other side of town,” Koichi said.

“We can drop someone else off on the way,” Jane said with a shrug.

“I need to get my car from the school,” Jennifer said.

“There you go,” Jane said.

“Sure,” Koichi said.

They arrived at Xavier's house, at 83 Nicoll Avenue, first. “Bye, Quinn, thanks for letting me come,” he said.

“That's ok,” Quinn said with a slight laugh.

After leaving Xavier's house they went towards Lawndale High, so that Jennifer could get her car...

Jennifer waved as she went to her car. “Bye.”

After Jane was dropped off at Casa Lane, they then went to the Morgendorffer's house.
Neither of the Morgendorffer parents were home, so Koichi backed up the SUV to the garage door, which Quinn then opened.
“Ok, just unload it all on that bench over there,” she directed.

“Sure, Quinn,” Wolfgang said.

“Ok,” Xavier said.

Daria went through the garage to the dining room as the boys started unloading the computer equipment.

Koichi watched as Xavier and Wolfgang walked away after having said goodbye to Quinn. He turned back to Quinn. “Thanks for the trip, Quinn, it was fun,” he said.

“Yeah, it was fun,” Quinn said with a giggle.

“Definitely. Anyway, I must get home, my parents will be wondering, see ya, Quinn,” Koichi said. He got into the car.


Later that night, Sandi pondered on the situation that she had found herself in earlier that day. Did she act immature when she had encountered that annoyingly popular geek at the Mall of the Millennium?

Flashback – Mall of the Millennium
Sandi, and the others in the Fashion Club walked away from the food court where they had encountered the Morgendorffer sisters and their friends.
The Fashion Club sat a table after they had bought their lunches.

“Sandi, I think you could have handled that confrontation better,” Tori said.

“Oh, Really? What do you mean?” Sandi asked, annoyed at Tori.
“You didn't act like the mature teenager you are, you acted more like either of your brothers would have,” Tori said.

Sandi stared at Tori.

Stacy slid down in her seat.

“Gee, Tori, you like insulting me don't you?”

Tori stared Sandi in the eye. “I'm not insulting you, Sandi, I'm telling you what I saw.”

Sandi stared back.

Tori continued staring.

“Fine! But that geek, like, deserved it!”

Tori shook her head. “If you keep it up, your popularity will continue its downward slide. Quinn is totally catching up on you,” she said.

Sandi crossed her arms. “I suppose.”

Tori sighed.

The Fashion Club continued eating their lunch in silence.

End of Flashback

Sandi stared at herself in the mirror and frowned. 'I suppose that I did act immature.' She thought for a few minutes before deciding to stay away from Quinn and leave her alone. 'The novelty of a popular geek will go away and there will be nothing she could do about it!'
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