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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Anthony Zerbe
B is for Bob Wesley
C is for Constellation class
D is for D. The type of grade that people get that don't watch Star Trek.
E is for Empathy
F is for Flag of the Federation
G is for Galaxy class
H is for Horta
I is for Intrepid (class starship)
J is for Jellico, Captain
K is for Kang
L is for La forge (Geordi)
M is for McCoy, Leonard
N is for Nona; Tyree's wife. "NONA!!" Hot babe, even with a fake tan.
O is for Oralian Way
P is for Portly Starfleet Officers
Q is for Q
R is for Riker's daddy issues
S is for Starfleet Intelligence
T is for Tears of the Prophets
U is for UFO. What the Enterprise was finally reported as by Captain Christopher.
V is for Vulcan Biology
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