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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

Huh? Since when was "Juggernaut" not a "regular" episode?

"Juggernaut" is simply "the 115th episode of Star Trek: Voyager, the 21st episode of the fifth season", according to Wikipedia.
Juggernaut aired on Monday the 26th of April 1999 and Someone to Watch Over Me aired two days later on Wednesday 28th of April, after a month long hiatus since March flapped off.

Voyager mostly aired on a Wednesday and the loyal audience was prepared for Wednesdays and were blindsided by anything but Wednesdays.

Jugernaut was a bonus show, becuase if there was a show on Wednesday how on earth would they be prepared to suspect that there were going to be two brand new epiosdes of voyager that week! it's an unthinkable ineffiable impossibibility.

This is back when TV Guide ruled the world, and we got paper cuts trying to figure out when we could go out and get laid or when we had to stay in for must see tv.
Yes, "Juggernaut" is 1 of 2 Voyager episodes that aired on a special night first-run. The series was like a yin-yang, all Monday with 1 Wednesday episode amongst it, all Wednesday with 1 Monday episode amongst it. Those episodes were "Investigations" & "Juggernaut". The 1st was to demo Voyager on Wednesday before moving it there in the fall, the 2nd was for unknown reasons.

"Juggernaut" had such a low rating because it aired (4/26/99) the same week as a new episode and aired before that new episode aired ("Someone to Watch Over Me", 4/28/99). Very easy to miss. And it was the 1st week back from 3 weeks of reruns (Voyager was mostly reruns since "Course: Oblivion" aired 3/3/99, with 2 episodes airing in the middle to break up what would've been a 2 month stretch of reruns). Tune in Wednesday and you wouldn't even know you missed an episode.

I saw every episode of Voyager on its premiere or on the Saturday/Sunday 2ndary timeslot (tv was on for "Resistance", but I slept through the most of it past the beginning...) and regularly kept a tv guide (TV Week from the sunday paper?) around because I watched DS9, Hercules, Xena, et al and their station had a habit of shifting them around for baseball. I was a conscientous viewer to make sure I knew when new episodes were airing to catch or record them and despite all that I still almost missed "Juggernaut". I only remembered 10 or 15 minutes before it aired that it was supposed to air that night. And I knew from the internet (probably Vidiot's site) that it was the more interesting of the 2 episodes that week (it's the Juggernaut bitch, you know. Aren't we all supposed to know what it is?)

Contrast with "Investigations". Now, the week before was a rerun, but if you tuned in Monday 3/11/96 and didn't find Voyager, you'd probably try and find the tv guide and flip through and see it was airing on Wednesday. Where a special timeslot is relative to the primary timeslot is key to the audience having chances to remember or not.

Now, for a little more than a month, there were Tuesday reruns around Sept 1999 in addition to episodes on Wednesday and 1 episode aired on a Tuesday in a summer (Summer 97 I think).

Now, the story behind why "Juggernaut" aired Monday- I'd like to know. It wasn't an issue of not being ready. Star Trek usually wrapped production in March, maybe early April, Juggernaut had 5 episodes ahead of it. They always seemed to have episodes finished well ahead of time. They were no X-Files (they usually finished episodes that Sunday after working all weekend. "Gethsemane" only finished right before the upload date and the West Coast actually got a different version, one that had more CGI work in it). I doubt it wasn't ready to air Wed 4/21/99.

I remember history well (I damn well better since I lived through it and wasn't a child) and there was a certain event Tuesday 4/20/99, one which had an impact on tv scheduling. Columbine led 2 episodes of Buffy to get pulled, 1 episode of 7 Days (Voyager's companion show) to get pulled. "Timeless" aired the next day (4/21/99). Was "Juggernaut" pulled because it was about anger and violence? No. "Timeless" (R) was on the schedule for at least all of April for 4/21/99. Besides, all the delayed episodes aired in Fall 99 or in the case of Buffy's season finale, in July. If it was for its themes, it wouldn't of aired 6 days after Columbine. Now, that 7 Days episode was scheduled to air 4/28/99 but was replaced with a rerun.

Was it just a matter of UPN scheduling being stupid and not scheduling a new ep for 4/21/99 meaning they would have to fit one somewhere? The much loathed Tribune was that incompetent (1 ep of Earth: FC & 1 ep of Mutant X aired in July because they were idiots when it came to scheduling the spring block), but UPN... we have schedules for all 11 1/2 seasons it was on the air. They may have lost a billion dollars over their short history but they weren't idiots when it came to scheduling. Was it just 1 scheduling error that can even happen to other networks every once and awhile (Simpsons in 2002 had a 'bonus episode' air after the season finale)? Who knows. We still don't know why Season 5 had such a late start (mid October).

And "Investigations" is memorable as the only Star Trek episode a future head of state appeared in. The current King of Jordan is seen talking to Harry Kim in 1 scene. I think he was wearing a blue uniform. His father died and he took over in 1999, sometime around the airing of "Dark Frontier" if I recall correctly.

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