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Re: Why wasn't Chakotay more aggressive and assertive?

In the beginning, he punched out that guy over soup.

claiming that, that's how things would have gone down on a Maquis Ship.

On Voyager, being a pussycat assured him his position.

On the Valjean being a homicidal maniac assure him his position.

Some people find it harder to be a wiiss than a head case, in either case Chakotay adapted to his environment to make certain majority rule didn't try to whack him.

You have to wonder if janeway would have learnt to deal with things in a maquis way, putting her foot up peoples asses till they do their job propperly if she had become his first officer abord the Maquis Raider?

A while back in comics, Magneto (as good as) called Chuck Xavier an asshole for never trying to walk a mile in his shoes (HA! Oh! Onslaught! BURN!!! this happened BEFORE Onslaught!! Major burn!) which was a bitch movie on his part since, once upon a time the master of magnitism had stepped up and took over the Chuck's school mainting a syllabus applauding the straight and narrow when he didn't have to, or really feel like it at all.
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