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Re: Does It Get Better???

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I actually watched Dark Frontier on my laptop at school. Maybe I should have watched it at home with surround sound and a big screen for the full impact? Still an enjoyable episode, though.
And about The Disease, there was clearly a good reason to consult the medical officer before engaging in sexual activities. There's no way of knowing what will be passed between two species. Didn't bother me.
"Dark Frontier" kicks ass in surround sound, especially when the Borg speak. I highly recommended rewatching it that way if you can.

I don't mind "The Disease" either.
The protocol seems like a sound one being you're now on the other side of the galaxy. New species, new STD's.
However, it might have been a little more interesting if Harry Kim being the foreigner in the DQ was the one that introduced the STD into their culture instead.
I don't think I'll be rewatching Dark Frontier anytime soon since I have a lot of other Trek that I still have to watch, but someday when I do rewatch Voyager (hopefully if it ever comes to blu ray) I'll make sure to watch it at home on my TV with surround sound.

And I agree with you about The Disease. I have to wonder what happened to Harry's girl. They said in the episode that after their species bonded if they were separated it could cause illness, sometimes fatal. Hopefully that didn't happen to Harry's gal.
She was pretty hot too.
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