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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

1. Batman - The last couple issues have been meh, but it's a pretty good book. My favorite Batman book.
2. Superman - A book I more or less like it has its flaws though.
3. Action Comics - Enjoyable the last few issues have really improved.
4. Supergirl: A good book but I think the story need to pick up some pace.
5. Batgirl - A fun book with a fun character.
6. Aquaman - It's impressive to me how good this book is considering I've never been an Aquaman fan.
7. Catwoman - I've mostly enjoyed this, last couple issues are meh, though.
8. Flash - Hit and miss but mostly interesting.
9. Detective - I go either way on this book but it's shown signs of improvement the last couple issues.
10. The Dark Knight - I'm surprised how long I've stuck with this one, actually but the last couple of issues seem to be leading to something interesing.
11. Wonder Woman - This book really needs to pick up and I find the art to be hit and miss.
12. Batman and Robin - Dropped. Just wasn't doing anything for me.
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