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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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a "flawed hero?" If you say so. I do get the DQ alien thing, but in terms of pure practical terms, Neelix was by far the most expendable, he was no longer even the guide, just a cook. Also, he was deeply unpopular, the Binks/Wesley of Voyager.
Lets keep it in context.
None of that was a factor during the first 3 seasons for the character. Neelix had a strong fan following during the shows start, more so than Kes or Kim.
Besides, if the writers feel no interest in writing for the character of Kes, then she is actually the more expendable. They still had interest in Neelix.

can you cite support for that, your idea that Neelix was more popular in early seasons, and more popular than Kim or Kes? I really tend to doubt that. I remember in the early days of the interwebs when there were polls of Voyager fans, and Neelix routinely came in as most unpopular character.
I know every Trek Con I went to during the early years of Voyager there was a fairly large group of middle aged women that started a Neelix fan club and had members in every city turn out to show their love for the character. Ethan Philips acknowledge them as did other cast members that were guest too. If the actors saw such dedication and turn out, them B&B were aware of it too from them. That type of fan support can often save a character from getting the boot on a TV, much like Matthew Fox's character on LOST who was supposed to be killed off first season but huge fan support of the character made the TPTB change their minds.
So yes to spite what was being said online. fans of Neelix turned up physically to show their numbers and more support for Neelix than Kim or Kes. IMO that shows a great love and dedication towards him.

That and again, he was still the only cast member in full latex make up. Him being the only new "alien" looking character would keep his job fairly safe too.
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