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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

1. Avengers Academy- I've been a fan from the first issue and it just keeps getting better.

2. Journey Into Mystery- A book that I didn't expect to like at all but is now one of my favorites.

3/4. Fantastic Four and FF- It's a shame to hear that Hickman is leaving, but his original plans had him leaving much sooner, and without a spin-off book, so I will just enjoy the rest of his run and be glad for it. I will decide about the future of the book when I know who is taking over.

5. Daredevil- Mark Waid's take on the character has brought me back to a character that I haven't really cared about for years.

6. Winter Soldier- Pre-Fear Itself, Captain America would be on this list. I'm not as fond of the new volume of Cap as I was of the old, but Winter Soldier is essentially the continuation of the old Cap run, so here it is.

7. Generation Hope- I know that there is only one more issue left-- that's why it's not higher on the list-- but I've really loved this book and the characters and will be sorry to see it gone.

8/9.- Avengers/New Avengers- for pretty much the same reasons as Mr. Light. Even agreed about the HAMMER war. It feels like it could have been told in four issues of the two books instead of six.

10.- Uncanny X-Men- I know that some here consider it "boring", but I couldn't disagree more. In the first arc, I enjoyed Mr. Sinister as a villain for the first time since... well, ever. The Tabula Rasa arc has been great for the most part. I love the whole concept of having a Savage Land in reverse right in the middle of Montana. Although, this was a three issue arc that got expanded into four, and it does show in the pacing.
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