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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

My Top Ten New DCU Titles:
1. Green Lantern: still love Johns' run on the title, great art, love Hal and Sinestro working together
2. Action Comics: Grant Morrison's Superman. Nuff said. And it's even comprehensible!
3. Batman: great writing, great artwork, great new villain.
4. Batman and Robin: my beloved old GLC team, good villain, good story.
5. Justice League: Jim Lee and Geoff Johns makes it A plus, but man what a waste of a story.
6. Green Lantern Corps: I love the GL franchise, and the new villains were decent.
7. Aquaman: nice art.
8. Dark Knight: dumb story, but David Finch artwork!
9. Justice League International: since we haven't seen the JL in the modern day yet, this book is nice for being the only big team book in the present day, and I like most of the characters. Good art, too.
10. Flash: it's alright.
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