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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Everyone has missed this one simple fact; this episode is an emulation of TNG's Disaster. Except Starship Down does it better:

1. Better reason for all the crazy shit happening to the Defiant.
2. A greater sense of tension.
3. It all looks better.
4. Quark and the Karama guy were just brill.
5. Kira emotional pouring towards her beloved (and dying) Emissary.
6. It was a bit more memorable.
7. Worf's an insensitive prick.
8. Cooler setting in some... (er forgot; nebula?)

The only forced bits were Worf and O'Briens interactions mid-way through the episode. I loved Quark and that Karama guy! They were so awesome in disarming the torpedo; it still puts a grin on my face every time.

TNG's Disaster was let down by two things: one some random anamoly damages the ship, two the scenes with those children and Picard. Starship Down flows in a more logical way, and Disaster is only so impressive because it was a bit unprecendented when it aired in terms of Star Trek, whereas with this episode... (see the top-most paragraph)

This episode should be seven stars (possibly eight) as it is more than average, if it were average I would only find it somewhat riveting and gripping. This episode ain't great but it is somewhere in the good to very good range.
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