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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

In similar fashion, I haven't seen Guy Ritchie's SHERLOCK films out of principle. Even though I've been a Downey fan since IRON MAN, and I've usually enjoyed Jude Law as well as Ritchie's films, there comes a point where classic characters and their situations are getting warped beyond belief just for the sake of coolness and/or popularity. I've no desire to see Holmes become Action Hero #448 with MATRIX-style action. Good film or not, I don't see much source material left. They also recently turned ALICE IN WONDERLAND's heroine into a kick-butt warrior, as the original's so 1800s. I can't wait to see what weapons Dorothy will be carrying in the future WIZARD OF OZ re-remake. If this is what it means to be relevant to today's culture, gimme irrelevance now and forever.
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