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Re: VOY Fans and Janeway in the VOY relaunch books (spoilers)

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As much as I've enjoyed Kirsten Beyer's 3 Voyager novels, Fleet Captain Afsarah Eden is no Admiral Janeway. Voyager's kinda become like Stargate SG1 after Richard Dean Anderson left. It's enjoyable, but it's not the same.

That said, seeing everyone cope with Janeway's death (she's certainly not forgotten), and seeing the Voyager crew grow and change (something we saw far too little of in the show itself) make the books worthwhile.
I agree on the Stargate example. That series went down when O'Neill (Anderson) left. The replacement character Mitchell was OK but it was never the same without O'Neill. However, they did at least have the decency to not kill off or ruin O'Neill in any way.

Not to mention that Stargate SG1 never became as bad as Stargate Universe (yawn!).

As for changes, I prefer the Voyager crew as they were in seasons 1-3 of the series and in the books. That's why I rather re-read "The Black Shore" for the umpteenth time than spend money on the relaunch books.
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