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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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No, he's right. It will be shit to those of us who don't care for the CBS style. You can be as open-minded as you like, but it's still true that CBS has a certain style, which certain people really go for, but those people don't tend to frequent sci fi BBSes like this one. People who come to places like this tend to also be the people who hate the CBS style..
I think you're over-generalizing here. I wasn't aware that this site was a bastion of CBS haters. I mean, I spend way too much time here and I watch CSI, Big Bang Theory, etc.

We get that you think CBS isn't cutting-edge enough or whatever, but don't assume that being a scifi fan and watching CBS is somehow incompatible.

Oh, I can't resist asking: what channels are us Trekkie types supposed to be watching? PBS? AMC? Syfy? TCM? Or just the pricy premium channels?

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