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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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Apparently self-parody has become the norm and nobody noticed.
Well, all these "Aaaahh, it's different so it must be totally wrong and evil and its creators should be slapped in irons" complaints about a show that hasn't even been made yet certainly sound like self-parody.
It's done by CBS. Of course it's going to be shit.
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^Case in point.
No, he's right. It will be shit to those of us who don't care for the CBS style. You can be as open-minded as you like, but it's still true that CBS has a certain style, which certain people really go for, but those people don't tend to frequent sci fi BBSes like this one. People who come to places like this tend to also be the people who hate the CBS style.

The point is, CBS is making something that is very well adapted to the tastes of their customers. And why shouldn't they? They wouldn't be doing nearly as well if they set their sights on making stuff their customers don't like. This wouldn't be the first time a corporation eschewed "art" or "goodness" in favor of filthy lucre.

I don't think anyone in the world would argue that the success of Twilight didn't make it easier to get Vampire Diaries green-lighted, but that doesn't mean that VD is automatically a rip-off and not worth watching.
Excellent point. Twilight gives me hives, but I watched 2 seasons of VD and was well into the third before I finally got bored and gave up. Like CBS, the CW style is generally not to my tastes either, but sometimes a show has additional inducements that allow me to ignore that for a time.

I was addressing the "they're just doing this to cash on those other Holmes projects" argument--which doesn't strike me as a good enough reason to dismiss a show or movie sight unseen.
The Robert Downey Jr movies, maybe. I wouldn't bet any money that the average CBS viewer has ever heard of the BBC, and if they have, they think it's all shows about people in hoop skirts. But none of that is even relevant. What's relevant is that they'll see the ads for this show on CBS and recognize the CBS style that they've come to enjoy, and then they'll watch.

I think CBS didn't help the Sherlock comparisons when they hired Miller to be honst, given he's spent the last year or so alternating Frankingstein/the monster with Cumberbatch on stage.
Which will be something that approximately 0% of CBS viewers will know.

Aside from the issue of artistic integrity
We're talking CBS. They don't do art.

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