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First off, in my last post, I didn't mean to spoiler anything for anyone. I attempted to be vague, for I honestly am not sure if what I am reading is accurate for I haven't seen anything yet that verifies the rumors. So, again, if I upset anyone, I apologize.

Secondly, from what I have read and seen at IGN, I will be spending a fair amount of time in the Citadel. This game has a terrible case of Skyrim-itis wherein I can't take a step without acquiring a new quest. I fervently hope that the quests don't become a drag like they did in the first game.
Yes, I know you didn't spoil anything and I appreciate that you were being circumspect, which is why I attempted to head off a the discussion before it came to spoilers. After all, you can hardly have a discussion about a leaked ending without getting into spoiler territory sooner or later. Even what you're doing right there by talking about the new citadel side-missions is courting a spoiler discussion, no?

If you want to talk about it then by all means do so, but I think it would be best if you (or someone else?) started a ME3 spoiler thread, but let's keep this one "safe" for the unwary visitor, shall we?

In other news, the launch trailer is up!
Crikey, that looks amazing.
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