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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

My opinion is that technology is turning everybody's life into a "show". That's what reality TV is all about, or pointing the webcam at yourself and video blogging, but there's also a LOT of indie producers out there, and it seems like everyone and his brother is slapping on a uniform and getting in front of a greenscreen and doing their OWN Trek show. So why do we have to be beholden to CBS/Paramount when we can just sift through everyone's amateur productions to find the good stuff?

You want to see more Trek? Make your own! That's what I'm doing, and I'm willing to share the tools and assets to anyone else who wants them. And I don't have to wring my hands over how the franchise is being bastardized by Rick Berman or JJ Abrams, because I get to do it just my way. You can't beat that.
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