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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

I like Starship Down, it's an entertaining episode, but it doesn't really succeed in being more than the sum of its moderately interesting parts.

In the early going, the writers seem to have had two main ideas that they wanted to explore with Worf, one being the idea that he didn't really "fit in" on DS9, and the other being his need to adjust to a command role (the one we see in this episode).

I don't think either really pans out, and both are basically dropped before too long, in favor of Worf becoming more true to his "Klingon heart," and less a Starfleet officer with identity issues due to his heritage. That ends up working much better.

In this episode, the Worf subplot is ok, but I don't find the basic problem very convincing. Surely Starfleet engineers can take a problem-solving approach without being prompted to do so? And, in a life-or-death situation like this, nothing Worf does or says prior to the Chief intervening really seems out of line.

As for the Kira/Sisko interactions, I think prior episodes, like Destiny, as well as future ones, such as Rapture, do a better job of handling the question of Kira's faith in the Emissary. The situation here is just too contrived to have much of an impact. It's not a total loss or anything, though, and it does seem to move the characters' relationship forward a bit, toward actual friendship.

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