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Actually, thinking about this episode while watching the finale, I get upset that there wasn't that final scene between father and son because that dynamic worked so well in the series as a whole.
Yeah, that's one of my issues about the finale. I don't so much care about the reused battle footage of the lack of Terry Farrell in the montage, those were production issues, but Jake not being involved in that scene between Sisko and Kasidy was a missed opportunity.

Starship Down (**)

Star Trek decides to do a submarine episode and this is the result. It's like the battle of the Mutara Nebula from TWOK but it lasts for 40 minutes and doesn't have any consequences. Saving the crew of a minor race to secure a trade agreement created off-screen doesn't have quite the impact of creating a magical new planet and the death of Spock. Still, the submarine battle stuff works well enough and it's an interesting change of pace from the fast-paced action the Defiant is usually involved in. Production-wise, there's plenty to admire about this episode from the visual effects to the set-design.

The story is a bit convoluted, there's four main threads and none of them have much to do with the other. Firstly, there's the story where Kira looks after Sisko while he's slowly dying. It's a bit annoying how the show brings up Kira's belief in Sisko as the Emissary whenever it needs it and then drops it the rest of the time. It made some sort of sense in Destiny, but here it feels a bit forced. Meanwhile, Worf learns how to deal with non-commissioned engineers. It makes sense that engineers prefer being given problems to solve rather than obediently following orders like a security officer, it makes you wonder how O'Brien made that transition in the past. Meanwhile meanwhile, Bashir and Jadzia are trapped in a lift and forced to cuddle for warmth. Oh the humanity! On the one hand, this minor plot shows that Bashir has grown over time, but the claim that Jadzia secretly liked Bashir's stalker phase is a bit questionable. It cuts a little too close to what creepy men like to think in order to justify their unhealthy attitude towards women. Meanwhile meanwhile meanwhile, Quark teaches James Cromwell about the value of gambling. Yes, that's what people need to learn, that investing your money into a venture where the odds are stacked against you in the hope that luck will be on your side is preferable to sound financial investments. I'm personally blaming this episode for the current financial crisis.

Overall, the episode is okay, it's a mildly entertaining action episode with some interesting character material. It's far from the series' best episode but it's not bad.
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