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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

a very interesting blog post about Networks/Advertisers and Google in the next 2 years.
relevant stuff:
So now we have two very distinct levels of commerce here: The Networks, that need high ratings to drive up ad costs and their price for syndication, and The Advertisers, who need high ratings for their commercials and need to make the right ad buys for their brands in order to increase the sales of their product. And right now, you only have one currency measurement: Nielsen.

But, times – they are a changin’. Enter everyone’s favorite game-changer: Google. Google’s business is run on revenue primarily from Ads. So, it should be assumed they want to grow more of that business. In order to do this, I presume they are going to need to measure everything the way that Nielsen does, and the way Facebook does, and service the consumer (and particularly their advertising clients) all at the same time.
And here is how they are doing it: Go to Google right now and click on their new privacy policy, which takes effect March 1, 2012.
Every one that uses a Google login for anything will be consolidated into one DNA fingerprint across the world.
Consider their incredible algorithm that changed the way we search and discover content as we know it. Now, link that all to your TV through Google TV.
Google appears to be quite brilliantly focusing their success in ad revenue growth on the ability to give advertisers what they have been longing for since the beginning of time: true insight into consumer behavior (psychographics, specifically), target-ability and scale of audiences – all in one place. Now that is the real threat to Nielsen.
And so far, Nielsen has been the only company that could find a way to get all of these clients to accept one piece of data as their trading currency. That in and of itself is remarkable, and whether that changes any time soon will remain to be seen. Until then, set your DVRs to record. You don’t want to miss the next two years in television.
The Networks and The Advertisers (And How Google is Crashing the Party) [part 2]

So by the time the next Trek series is to be greenlit the Nielsen ratings just may not be the main factor in the show getting distribution.
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