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Re: A new superhero: possible?

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Am i the only person who saw 'Kick-Ass'? I'm amazed no one has mentioned it in 2 pages of discussion about new superheroes.
There have been lots and lots of superhero spoofs over the past decade. Which is all well and good, but spoofs very rarely create enduring characters. When was the last time you wondered what Austin D. Powers has been up to?
Good point, except Kick-Ass wasn't a spoof. It may have featured dark comedy, but it wasn't a send up of existing superhero cliches and tropes.
No, it was a commentary on why the the stuff in superhero comics would never work in the real world. It was an anti-superhero comic, more about the people behind the costumes than the costumes themselves. Batman is a superhero. Kick-Ass is a goofy kid in a wetsuit who spent most of his time pissing off people stronger and more violent than himself.
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