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Re: Why wasn't Chakotay more aggressive and assertive?

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Why wasn't Chakotay more aggressive and assertive? He was part of a terrorist group before he joined Voyager, yet he often seemed to be a pacifist in Voyager and often seemed cowed by Janeway. He should have been far more pragmatic, more likely to disregard Star Fleet regulations, which he had no reason to belief in.

Chakotay saying stuff like "a man doesn't own land" doesn't make sense, when he was part of a terrorist group that was formed to protect the land they owned.

Chakotay would have been much more interesting if they focused on the fact he used to be a terrorist leader, rather then making him a Native American stereotype.
Honestly, the real world answer to this is that the writers on the show did not want to deal with the implications of having a man get in Janeway's face...and there was no way that a male character would be allowed to do that AND be proven right. If you watch the show carefully, you'll notice that the only characters to ever seriously question anything that Janeway does...and do so with any force are women. Lt Torres, Seska, Seven etc. All of the men were just passive. Someone decided early on that the only proper way to depict the first female captain was for her to either always be right or never get challenged by the men around her.

Sisko never had that problem. Kira could and did get in his face. He would occasionally, metaphorically swat her back into line, but would also be shown coming around to her way of thinking. It was a much more dynamic relationship. Of course, Sisko was in a situation were everyone around him, with the possible exception of O'Brien, had no problem telling him what they really thought. Part of Sisko's strength was that he was depicted as a character that knew how to deal with the strong personalities of his crew and the often duplicitous people that he came into contact with.
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