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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

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Jared Leto as The Riddler would have been epic.

I am not excited about Bane...then again...I don't like these Batman movies too much anywayz.

For sure! Leto would have been ideal...or Depp...or a few others....

I do really enjoy the new franchise though. Somehow I get a feeling that the creators/actors don't. It seems there's a real push by Nolan and co. to make this the final, no-questions-asked end to the series. They want it to end.

That's worrisome, and the rejection of the Riddler reinforces my fear that they're not striving to out-do the last installment.

After seeing the last one, I immediately knew the third film would need to be epic. A great story with a classic villain. Bane might be a comic book favorite, but he isn't that. It's a classic set-up for disappointment.

Again though, I hope I'm wrong. I'll go in with an open mind and I really want it to be awesome. I love Batman and Nolan has been great. Still though, I'm worried.....
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