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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

I'm going to bump this thread since I incorrectly started a new thread about a topic that should have been here. I'll basically re-post it....


I'm really disappointed the Riddler isn't the villain.

There's just so much potential for a character like the Riddler to be incorporated into the dark realism of Nolan's Gotham.

I thought he would be an intellectual serial killer. Maybe a professor who hunts down his victims with style and a twisted sense of humor. He didn't have to be a Joker clone. Not even close.

I'm disappointed with the Bane choice. I understand the desire to have a physical threat, but my expectations have definitely been lowered, even after seeing the previews.

Hope I'm wrong, and I hope we get another great addition to Batman. But I just really had my hopes up to see an awesome new take on the Riddler.
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