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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Yep we've had a few. But we need more than a few. Would also be nice if we have earth ones to have names from our future.
I agree, there are way too few non-Earth related ship names in Trek, I find it kind of annoying.

Dark Frontier - One of my absolute favorite Star Trek episodes. I personally don't like the concept of the Borg Queen but I think the episode was handled really well despite all the illogicalities (yeah its not a word) that can creep in when the Borg are involved. I particularly like how they don't do the whole "We can just wander around a borg ship willy nilly if they don't see us as a threat" bullcrap that they did with First Contact- they actually plan to disable the sensor grid initially before deciding to use the Hansen's camouflage technology. All the borg stuff was great - especially the assimilation of that alien colony, and I loved loved loved the insights into Seven's family and her life before they were assimilated. The scene where Seven remembers the attack and then her father steps out of the shadows, holy crap, that was some great stuff right there. A solid 10/10 for me.

The Disease is meh for me, the whole "consult with the ship's medical officer before engaging in inter-species mating rule" is so very clearly just pulled out of the writer's ass to set up this whole contrived conflict between Harry Kim and a really obnoxious Janeway. The scene with Harry and Janeway at the end in sickbay always creeps me out, its like Harry suddenly becomes resigned to being Janeway's bitch and she's broken him. I also cringed at Wang's "angry" acting although it wasn't as bad as Siddig's.
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