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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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I'm trying to decide between cancelling my preorder for $64.99 or buying the special Direwolf edition Blu-ray from Future Shop for $52.99

The regular one seems more classy, but the Direwolf is cool and they'll probably do a different House every season which I think would look cool!
In the US Best Buy is offering two versions, a special Direwolf one and special Targaryen one. I went with the Direwolf myself
I saw that on Best Buy's US's a shame they're not offering the Targaryen Blu-ray.

It seems like a lot of people went for the the Direwolf, so I feel better now :P


Someone on the Forum of Ice and Fire pointed out that Canadians can get it off the site for $34.99, and comes to $47.66 after import fees and shipping...versus $56.49 for the Stark version from Futureshop...

Should I stick with the Stark edition for about $10 more, or be cheap and get it from
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