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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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For an escort bridge I suggest the Belfast Bundle. It is expensive, but the other bridge packs are not worth it to spend any C-points on them.

For a Starcruiser use the Bridge of the Odyssey if you managed to pick one up on the anniversary.

250 Members for a fleetbase? No thanks. Then ZrekBBS will never have one.

But upgrades and extensions for bigger fleets are acceptable and a nice perk for the bigger fleets. Also isn't there a hatd cap if around 300 toons in fleets anyway atm?
So a requirement like that would pbly benefit a real small number of them.

There should be purchase restrictions that require a few active members to raise the necessary resources. Make it so expensive that a couple players will never be able to buy it (so EC is out of the question).

One idea would be successful Fleetaction and STF private runs that award the fleet X numbers of Starbase tokens to buy a standard base and later upgrades.
The TOS bridge is really amazing
I know, but it doesn't meet the roleplay requirements JRS has.
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